Andrew McCrorie Shand - Children's TV composer and song-writer
 Andy McCrorie-Shand composes music for TV and film

Andy McCrorie-Shand

Andy writes music for film & TV. He's also a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist.


Music for little ones

Teletubbies, Twirlywoos, Rosie & Jim, TOTS TV, Abney & Teal, BOT & The Beasties, Boobah, Brum


Music for big ones

Folk/psych horror film “Nobody Loves You, And You Don’t Deserve To Exist” written and directed by Brett Gregory.



That piano, tenor guitar, hurdy-gurdy, accordion and banjo player in 3 Bucket Jones with the wonderful Gitika Partington - album 5 on the launch pad.


Andy McCrorie-Shand.  Film music composer
Children's TV and film composer and songwriter Andrew McCrorie-Shand
...with my hurdygurdy

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