Andrew McCrorie Shand - Children's TV composer and song-writer
 Andy McCrorie-Shand composes music for TV and film

Andy McCrorie-Shand

Andy writes music for film & TV. He's also a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist.


Music for little ones

Teletubbies, Twirlywoos, Rosie & Jim, TOTS TV, Abney & Teal, BOT & The Beasties, Boobah, Brum


Music for big ones

Intense psychological mystery drama “Nobody Loves You, And You Don’t Deserve To Exist” written and directed by Brett Gregory.



That piano, tenor guitar, hurdy-gurdy, accordion and banjo player in 3 Bucket Jones with the wonderful Gitika Partington - album 5 on the launch pad.


Andy McCrorie-Shand.  Film music composer
Children's TV and film composer and songwriter Andrew McCrorie-Shand
...with my hurdygurdy

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